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The MSN Healthcare Health Blog offers news and analysis on weight loss, fatigue, personal health, and health news. It includes contributions from Dr. Mark Neumann and others. Click now.


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Is Ibutamoren Right for You?

Mark Neumann

Ibutamoren is a favorite supplement of athletes, because it helps to decrease recovery time between workouts, helping boost muscle development without unbalancing hormone levels. But there are also several other groups of people who can enjoy the supplement. Let’s look at some features of Ibutamoren.

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Fat Burning for a Healthier You: The Definitive Guide

Mark Neumann

The desire to lose weight is as common as the cold, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy feat to accomplish. Here’s the good news… Burning fat and losing weight are possible! It all starts with understanding fat burning, learning about the role of your metabolism in weight loss, and getting into a good routine that prioritizes exercise, activity, and a proper diet. Let’s dive right in.

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