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Underactive Thyroid and Weight Loss Resistance

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Underactive Thyroid and Weight Loss Resistance

Mark Neumann

If you have an underactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism, it means that your thyroid gland doesn't produce enough of this important hormone. Although one of the smallest organs in the human body, the thyroid is also one of the most important. It controls multiple functions such as mood and sleep regulation, skin health, weight, muscle health, and more. Fatigue and the inability to lose weight are two of the biggest complaints of people with an underactive thyroid.

How Does Weight Loss Resistance Happen With An Underactive Thyroid?

When the metabolism is slow, it can be extremely difficult to lose weight. Many people with hypothyroidism also complain of fat accumulation around their mid-section that doesn't seem to budge no matter what. Hormonal balance speeds up the metabolism and makes weight loss easier. This is just one of the services we offer at MSN Healthcare.

Fatigue is another factor in weight gain or the inability to lose weight. When you have no energy, you can’t get the exercise you need. Thyroid imbalance can cause a condition known as adrenal fatigue, which typically occurs because of unrelenting stress. People suffering from it have low energy most of the day and have difficulty getting going in the morning, regardless of the number of hours of sleep the night before. Reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and balancing hormones in the thyroid and adrenal glands are essential.

Constipation can lead to weight loss resistance as well. This is the inability to have regular bowel movements, despite having a physical urge to do so. Along with recommending a high-fiber diet, plenty of water, and exercise, Dr. Neumann can determine the best way to resolve this problem so you can finally drop the weight.

Several other factors can cause weight loss resistance, including poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, and other lifestyle choices. However, it is more often related to an underactive thyroid that occurs as people age.

If your weight won’t seem to budge no matter what you do, Dr. Mark Neumann of MSN Healthcare will perform several laboratory tests to obtain your baseline levels. From there, he can recommend lifestyle changes, medication, dietary supplements, hormone balancing, or another service that addresses your unique symptoms.

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