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Is Ibutamoren Right for You?

Mark Neumann

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Ibutamoren is a supplement intended to boost hormone deficiencies. It increases lean body mass and can also help individuals with hormone deficiencies. It is a favorite supplement of athletes, because it helps to decrease recovery time between workouts, helping boost muscle development without unbalancing hormone levels.

But there are also several other groups of people who can enjoy the supplement.

Let’s look at some features of Ibutamoren.

How Ibutamoren Works

Ibutamoren mimics the hormone ghrelin, which occurs naturally in our gastrointestinal system. It interacts with the central nervous system as a neuropeptide, which helps to increase your appetite, metabolize fats, reduce obesity, and reverse type 2 diabetes. Ibutamoren helps increase insulin and the growth hormone, but not the other hormones like cortisol or estrogen, and by blocking somatostatin receptors, it helps prevent muscle loss.

The Benefits of Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren is much cheaper than a prescription for growth hormones. It is easier to acquire and does not need injection. It comes in powder form and there is no fear of expiration. The powder can last for months, even years.

Because of the ability to metabolize fats, users can eat more food without increasing fat absorption.

Your body will instead metabolize the fats quickly, allowing you to eat more without becoming obese. If you can maintain your calorie level while on the supplement, you will see a drop in your weight and your BMI.

Ibutamoren also brings a better sleep experience.

After starting the supplement, users reported falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer, and feeling more rested in the morning upon waking. With a busy lifestyle, added sleep is always a bonus and the end result is more energy during your daily life. Added sleep also leads to an increase in cognitive function.

Who Should Take Ibutamoren?

Children, adults, and the elderly can all benefit from Ibutamoren. The group most likely to take the supplement is athletes looking to build lean muscle and increase workouts. It works best when added to a consistent workout plan and diet. It can also help those looking to decrease their weight, build bone density, improve cognitive function, and heal and regenerate tissue. With such a wide range of benefits, there is also a wide range of people who can benefit from the supplement.

There is no substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen. If you are thinking of adding Ibutamoren to your daily routine, discuss it with your doctor.

If you want to learn more about Ibutamoren or think it could be the perfect addition to your supplements and diet, click here or dial 734-847-4700 to schedule an appointment today.