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11 Best Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue

Mark Neumann

Adrenal fatigue is a problem that is increasing in both frequency and magnitude. That’s why so much research is being done into how to alleviate this problem and get rid of it completely. One proposed solution for adrenal fatigue is the use of essential oils. These oils are herbal in nature and are made from refining herbs and spices to give a purer version of them in liquid form. These oils have various applications which include adding them to food, inhaling them in times of stress, diffusing them throughout a room, or just applying them to your skin when needed. Essential oils have the ability to combat adrenal fatigue and thus, reduce effects caused by the disease.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, you may notice symptoms such as:

●     Aches and pains

●     Constant feeling of anger

●     Binge eating

●     Breathlessness

●     Constipation

●     Cramps

●     Depression

●     Diarrhea

●     Difficulty concentrating

●     Indecision

●     Eczema

●     Fainting

●     Headaches

●     Indigestion

●     Insomnia

●     Loss of appetite

●     Loss of sense of humor

●     Muscle spasms

●     Tiredness 

All of these symptoms may indicate adrenal fatigue, which can often be fought with essential oils. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind for the use of all essential oils. 

Diluting Essential Oils

The first thing that you should know about essential oils is that they are incredibly potent by themselves. Their pure forms might be the best way to get all the benefits they provide but sadly the human body is often unable to handle the pure forms. The main reason for dilution is due to the aforementioned potency. Essential oils may be derived from natural products, but their concentration is so high that they have the potential to harm you. Whether you ingest, apply directly, or inhale an oil, it can have serious side effects on your body if used improperly. 

What Are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are just what they sound like. They are oils that help you carry the benefits of other oils, allowing them to spread easily over your skin with less potential for harmful reactions. Carrier oils are usually thicker, less volatile, and do not usually have their own smell (apart from olive oil). They are essential if you want to experience the many benefits of essential oils. We recommend three distinct oils to use as carriers. They are:

Fractionated Coconut oil.jpg
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Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is a bit different from the traditional virgin coconut oil because of one main reason. It is processed to remove the long chains of fat that they carry. This allows the oil to stay liquid at room temperature and thus, be used for diluting essential oils and applying them to the skin directly. The process to remove the chains requires nothing in terms of artificial substances. The process that is used to make it fractionated is hydrolysis and steam distillation. These remove the long chains, which usually cause coconut oil to solidify at room temperature, and this allows you to use it without warming it up. 

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great carrier oil because it can be used without any side effects. It also stays liquid at room temperature, which means that it does not need to be processed further to be actually useful. In addition, jojoba oil very closely resembles the sebum from your own skin, so you’re less likely to react negatively to this oil. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil is also a favorite carrier oil. The main reason for this is the fact that we all have bottles of olive oil lying around. It can be used to make delicious dishes but can also be used as a carrier oil. The extra virgin varieties are what we would recommend as carrier oils because they are the ones that are least processed and retain their healthy benefits. The one problem with olive oil is that it has a distinctive smell. The smell isn’t bad, but it can be bothersome to some people. 

The reason why we advise these three carrier oils is because they tend to bond the best with essential oils and are healthy for your skin as well. As for the actual list of essential oils, you can find the list of the 11 best essential oils below.

11 Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue

DoTerra Cinammon Bark.jpg

1.    Cinnamon Bark Oil

We all know cinnamon as a spice that goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. The oil, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. The oil is a much more concentrated form of the spice and is incredibly potent. The first thing that you should know about the oil is that it is not fit for consumption. It can cause a ton of side effects if you ingest it so you should definitely keep it out of the reach of children and pets. 

The best use of cinnamon bark oil is through application to the skin, more specifically to the soles of your feet. Cinnamon bark oil is known to strengthen the endocrine system, which means that it helps you regulate the amount of cortisol which is produced by your adrenal glands. Cortisol is the stress hormone and is usually released when you are facing periods of stress. However, if you have adrenal fatigue it’s a different story. During adrenal fatigue, your body is unable to properly regulate the levels of cortisol and that leads to a host of problems caused by stress. Using concentrated cinnamon bark oil can help your body regulate those levels and reduce the effects of adrenal fatigue. 

But that’s not all that cinnamon bark oil does. It is also useful for strengthening your nervous system and balancing your blood sugar levels. It also has psychological effects on your brain that allow it to enhance feelings of acceptance, self-love, empathy, and it’s essential for releasing pent up negativity. 

The best way to apply cinnamon bark oil is not in its pure form. It is best to dilute it in other oils such as olive oil or coconut oil and then apply it to your feet. It is best to remember that using it in its pure form can be hazardous, and you should also never apply it if you have any allergies to cinnamon.

Doterra Clove Essential Oil.jpg

2. Clove Oil

Clove oil is a herbal oil that has been used for centuries because of its aromatic properties. It is commonly used in India as a fragrance and as a herbal remedy. Recent research suggests that it might have medical applications far beyond our imagining. Clove oil has proven to be effective in promoting digestive health, improving blood circulation, increasing energy levels, and relieving fatigue. 

As with all essential oils, clove oil has a distinctive method of use. It is inadvisable to use the oil in its pure form as the concentrated oil can have a few side effects. It is best to dilute the oil with other safer oils such as olive or coconut. After you have diluted it, you can apply it to your skin. The best place for application is behind your ear on the jaw bone. This area links to your adrenal glands and helps you negate effects of adrenal fatigue. You should not try ingesting or inhaling clove oil because it is an extremely potent oil and can negatively affect your senses if it is too concentrated. 

Clove oil is also essential if you want to boost your mood and get rid of accumulated stress. It has proven to be an excellent stress reliever and can be used regularly in its diluted form. As with all essential oils, it should be kept away from the reach of children and pets, as well as pregnant women. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy are vital to the development of the child and it is integral that you don’t affect these changes in any way.

3. Galbanum Oil

Galbanum oil is one that is not widely known, as it is a more exotic one The oil itself is said to reduce stress, nervous tension, and chaotic emotions. It also reduces inflammation and supports the strength of the body as a whole. The effect it has on the endocrine system may mean that it helps in rebalancing the levels of cortisol in your body which reduces stress and allows your adrenal glands some well needed rest. 

Galbanum is one of the oils that should not be ingested or inhaled. It should be applied directly to the surface of the skin, provided that you have diluted it with the appropriate carrier oils. The best place to apply Galbanum is over the adrenal glands which are located above the kidneys. To reach that spot, you should apply the oil on the sides of your back, a little above the waist.

4. Helichrysum Oil

You might know this plant by its much more common name of everlasting flowers. The oil derived from these flowers has been used by tribes and ancient cultures for centuries and is now believed to give you a ton of benefits. 

Helichrysum oil is believed to help regenerate and heal damaged nerves and connective tissues. This ability should be enough of a temptation to use the oil but that’s not all it does. Recent studies show that the oil derived from these flowers also has immense pain relieving properties. It has also been linked to improve functioning in the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Its major effects are that it relieves stress and anxiety and is commonly used for clarity and increasing energy. Helichrysum oil is great for relieving the effects of adrenal fatigue and making sure that your body stays healthy and strong. 

The best method of using this oil is by applying it in a diluted form directly onto your skin. Since it affects the brain and head so much, it is best apply it on your temples or the back of your neck. They are proven pressure points and are best suited to receive the benefits of this oil.

Doterra Lavendar Essentail Oil.jpg

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is derived from the fragrant lavender and has been used for generations for both its fragrance and unique flavor. It has been most often used to aid people with sleep problems such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and sleep walking. Both its color and its smell have proven to have calming and relaxing effects and are used to soothe your mind. 

As for using it to combat adrenal fatigue, it is one of the few oils on this list that is not used by applying to your skin. Instead, it is useful when inhaled or diffused. There are two ways that you can go about inhaling it. The first is that you can use it as a calming room spray. It has to be diluted first, and we recommend diluting it with fractionated coconut oil and water because olive oil has a distinct smell and may interfere with the calming effects. You can also apply it to your pillow before sleeping. That way you can get its benefits while you sleep, making sure that you have a more relaxed sleep. 

Our favorite way to use this oil is with an essential oil diffuser. We diffuse this oil throughout the day and definitely at night while we sleep. Simply purchase an essential oil diffuser, fill the machine with water, and add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil before turning it on.

6. Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil may seem like a weird idea but it is actually one of the most useful oils on this list. It is also one of the few oils that can be blended with other essential oils to give you more benefits than normal. Lime essential oil has a host of benefits. It can reduce the feelings of apathy, anxiety, and nervousness. Its main characteristic is that it promotes good feelings while removing bad ones. It is most often used to dispel negative feelings like loneliness or abandonment and has even shown promise in helping to reduce the effects of depression. Its fresh scent refreshes your mind and makes you feel more energetic. 

Lime is one of the more finicky essential oils because of its phototoxic nature. It does not react well to sunlight, so if you have it on your skin and are exposed to sunlight, it can cause rashes, spots, and bruising. When applying it, you should keep the application area out of direct sunlight. The best time to apply this oil would then be night time because you can negate all the side effects of sunlight. The best place to apply this oil is behind your ear. As for combining it with others, clove oil is very receptive to being combined with lime oil. It allows both oils to give off benefits at the same time. 

In addition to all of this, if you purchase a reputable, food grade brand of lime oil, it can be ingested. We love adding a drop to our water during the day, as it helps keep you alert and in good spirits.

7. Manuka Essential Oil

The Manuka tree is most famous for Manuka honey which is a product exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. The honey is said to have many beneficial properties and is used by the local Maori population extensively. The oil that is made from the Manuka flowers is also said to be very beneficial. The essential oil has a very deep relaxing and sleep-inducing aspect which is why it is favored by so many. It also helps with chronic stress, nervous exhaustion, and anxiety. There are also reports that it can help with reducing inflammation. 

The best way to use this oil is diluting it and applying directly over your adrenal glands. They are placed a little above your waist and the best way to reach them is through applying the oil directly on your back where they lie. Manuka oil is very rare and only comes from New Zealand and Australia. When purchasing it you should make sure of the country of origin as there may be counterfeits out there.

8. Nutmeg Essential Oil

Nutmeg is a spice that we have been using for quite a while. Its peculiar taste allows us to make excellent dishes, but the oil that is extracted from it may be even better. The essential oil that is extracted from nutmeg reduces chronic stress and supports adrenal function. That makes this oil one of the best ones out there for treating adrenal fatigue. The oil is also said to increase the amount of energy that you have, so you should consider including it in your treatment of adrenal fatigue if you suffer from fatigue and low amounts of energy. 

The oil needs to be diluted before being applied, but after that it can directly go onto your feet. The oil should be applied on the inner arches of the feet where it can do the most good.

9. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is one of the most fragrant spices that is used in cooking, and the essential oil that is made from it is used for relaxation. The smell is said to reduce the body’s level of cortisol within minutes which means that it reduces stress immediately. The smell is incredibly potent and is great for inhalation every day for its stress relieving properties. 

The best way to gain the benefits of rosemary is through inhaling it. You can take a couple of deep breaths of the diluted oil or you can diffuse it in the room before you sleep so that you can get the benefits of it while you sleep.

10. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil is great for relieving emotional fatigue. When used, it can balance your hormones, strengthen your nerves, and leave you more calm and relaxed. Thyme oil is a great one for your endocrine system because it reduces cortisol levels and makes you more relaxed. 

The best way to use this oil is by diluting it and applying it to the soles of your feet. You should keep in mind, though, that this oil should be used sparingly because of its potent nature.

11. Wild Orange Essential Oil

Arguably one of the best essential oils for combating stress, wild orange oil is one that lifts you up and energizes you. It also helps with improving your mood and making you happier. The citrus smell is particularly good at making you more alert and wary of your surroundings. 

The best way to apply the oil is on your skin in a diluted solution. The best places to apply it are on your forehead, on the back of your neck, and the soles of your feet. Using a diffuser is another great way to use this essential oil, because you’ll receive all of the great benefits as well as a room that smells great! 

Hopefully this list will help you in your adrenal fatigue recovery. Take note that you should always purchase essential oils in their pure forms from trusted vendors. There are a lot of false claims about products that are “pure” so you should be wary of them. Ask around a little and, when buying online, research thoroughly and do not fall for cheaper products. They are mostly fake and will not provide you with any benefits. 

You should also consult your doctor immediately if you start noticing any side effects from using the oils. It is possible to be allergic to specific essential oils, so make sure to get treated immediately if you notice rashes, spots, or bruising. There is also three points that cannot be stressed enough. The first is that you should almost never use the oils in their pure form. They are extremely potent and have the potential to harm when not diluted properly. 

The second point to note is that most essential oils are not to be used for ingestion. There are a few food grade essential oils out there that may have this safety factor, but the majority do not. They are meant for either external application or through inhalation. Ingesting the oils can have drastic consequences on your digestive system, so ensure that you discuss this with your doctor beforehand. 

The third and most important point is that you should keep the oils out of the reach of children and pets. They can be severely injured by the potency of the oils, and it is best to let your children grow up a bit before exposing them to natural oils. You should also not use the oils if you are pregnant. They can mess with the hormonal development of the baby and can have serious side effects. Keep that in mind and you should be fine when using these oils for adrenal fatigue. 

Have you tried essential oils to combat adrenal fatigue? Which ones are your favorite? Comment below and let us know! 

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