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11 Amazing Benefits of Acupuncture for Adrenal Fatigue

Mark Neumann

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Are you suffering from fatigue regularly? Do you spend countless nights battling insomnia? Perhaps you are having issues concentrating and it's affecting your career and personal life.  If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may be experiencing a common disorder called adrenal fatigue.  

What Is Adrenal Fatigue? 

Adrenal fatigue is the condition where the adrenal glands do not function properly making it hard for your body to regulate the release of several hormones, including cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released in response to low blood glucose and most notably, stress.  Associated with the 'flight or fight' response, the regular release of cortisol helps with inflammation within the body, supporting the fight against disease and allergies.  The adrenal glands also produce several other types of highly essential hormones to keep you in tip-top shape. 

When the adrenal glands are not functioning correctly, one may feel constant fatigue or tiredness. People who are experiencing adrenal fatigue may sleep for long periods but will still feel tired. They may need to rely on stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks, or other unhealthy aids to keep going throughout the day. They may often need naps to feel energized. 

 Although one may not look unwell, adrenal fatigue can cause havoc in other areas of life. Adrenal fatigue can increase your risk of health issues such as respiratory illnesses, lupus, and thyroid issues. It can also adversely affect your cardiovascular system, your metabolism, and your sex drive.   

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue? 

Several factors can cause adrenal fatigue. The most common cause of adrenal fatigue is stress. When you experience stressful situations, your adrenal glands will begin to react by releasing hormones such as cortisol. These hormones regulate your bodily functions in efforts to help cope with stressful situations.  

If you are faced with stressful situations regularly, it becomes difficult for your glands to function appropriately. Because your glands cannot regulate their homeostasis, your glands become overwhelmed, and their functions begin to diminish. If the glands are producing too little or too many hormones, one can suffer from body aches, digestive issues, and fatigue.  

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms 

Millions of people suffer from adrenal fatigue but may not know that they have it. Many would associate their fatigue from a lack of sleep and ignore the other signs that have presented themselves. With so much stress in our lives, our glands will run into overdrive. Because the adrenal glands are overworking, they may not be able to return to their normal functioning processes. Knowing the symptoms of adrenal fatigue will help you identify the imbalance and treat it quickly. 

Symptoms may include the following:

●        Feeling sluggish throughout the day

●        Low sex drive

●        Difficulty losing weight

●        Chronic headaches

●        Mood swings

●        Problems with staying asleep

●        Chronic illness

●        Dizziness

 If you are experiencing any of the above ailments, you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Many medical doctors have little to no knowledge of adrenal fatigue. For those who are familiar with this imbalance, they may conduct a test to measure the adrenal hormones within your saliva. Based on those results, the doctor may recommend medicine, supplements, or some other type of hormonal therapy.  

How To Treat Adrenal Fatigue 

Adrenal fatigue can increase your risk of health issues such as respiratory illnesses, lupus, and thyroid issues. The glands produce several types of hormones to keep you in tip-top shape. When those glands are unable to produce hormones that the body needs, the glands may overproduce cortisol preventing the glands from producing the other much-needed hormones.  

When treating fatigue, a multi-step approach is recommended, including a healthier lifestyle. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night is a great way to start treating fatigue. Make sure to include eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. This will ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to heal your body, keeping it functioning at optimum capacity. Also, make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes of activity every day.  

In addition to making lifestyle changes, trying a holistic healing approach is a good idea to help get your glands back on track. Holistic medicine focuses on treating the whole person, i.e., the body, the spirit, and the mind. Using holistic treatment such as acupuncture can help with adrenal fatigue and is a great natural alternative.  

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 What Is Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is a form of holistic medicine that focuses on healing the individual by using thin needles. Often used for pain relief, acupuncture dates as far back as 100 B.C. It is associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine and has spread throughout the world becoming a recognized practice for wellness. 

During an Acupuncture session, the practitioner will use 5-20 needles to begin the process.  They will then insert the needles at various points of the body based on the client's symptoms.  The needles are typically left in these points for up to 30 minutes, as the client relaxes during the session. The needles used for the session are made of stainless steel and are very flexible.  At the end of acupuncture treatments, patients will note an improvement in their ailments and their moods.  

Acupuncture continues to be a popular form of Traditional Chinese Medicine since it first originated over 2,500 years ago. Practitioners of acupuncture may incorporate several other techniques (such as massage therapy and Tai Chi) in addition to using needles to help heal your body during the session. Acupuncture is a great way to treat adrenal fatigue, but it also has many other benefits to the human body. 

The 11 Amazing Benefits of Acupuncture

 Improving Digestive Processes  

Studies show that the digestive system is linked to other health issues, which is why it is essential to promote a healthy diet.  Acupuncture has been noted to help with regulating the digestive system. If you are a lifelong sufferer of gastrointestinal distress, trying acupuncture may be a benefit to you.

Promotes Relaxation 

Patients of acupuncture have noted a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Many practitioners of acupuncture incorporate a calming atmosphere during the session, with light music and incense if desired. This coupled with massage therapy is an excellent way for the patient to feel rejuvenated.

Restores Homeostasis 

Homeostasis refers to the body's ability to restore its capabilities and regulate its environment. An imbalance of homeostasis can lead to inflammation in the body. This inflammation causes a situation that can lead to illness and diseases. Acupuncture promotes healthy blood flow allowing the bodying to more easily heal itself.

Decrease Low Back Pain 

How many of us often carry heavy items on our back and shoulders? Large purses, backpacks, and luggage over time can cause stress on our joints leading to chronic back pain. Acupuncture can help with inflammation and reduce swelling. By adding regular acupuncture sessions to your regimen, your lower back pain may lessen over time.

Soothe Migraines 

Some of your best days can quickly go South when a headache rears its ugly head. A high-intensity migraine can lead to light sensitivity, nausea, and body aches. The ability to encourage the flow of natural pain killers is a great reason why acupuncture is a viable treatment. Regular acupuncture services can help lessen the timeframe and intensity of the migraine.

Calm Knee Pain 

Clinical studies have shown that osteoporosis pain can be relieved by acupuncture. By releasing pain-relieving endorphins, acupuncture helps with joint inflammation. The decrease in pain will increase range of motion for those who have arthritis.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety 

Stress is a significant factor in adrenal gland health, and unfortunately, stress happens to be everywhere. Too much stress and anxiety can cause too much cortisol to be released, suppressing the other hormones and causing a vicious stress cycle.  Acupuncture helps to lower the stress hormones and helps with your overall mood.

Improved Immune System 

Your immune system plays such a significant part in your health, and many illnesses have been linked to immunodeficiencies. A weakened immune system can lead to a host of health complications. Acupuncture can help stimulate and balance the immune system.

Allergy Relief 

A study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine showed that the participants who received acupuncture treatment and used antihistamines showed improvement with their allergy symptoms.

Energy Booster 

Need a little pick me up? Acupuncture may be a good idea! Patients reported feeling energetic after their treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Qi (energy) flows through everyone. By inserting the needles at particular points, practitioners can help heal the flow of energy within the patient.

Treats Insomnia 

A 2009 study looked into the use of acupuncture for the treatment of insomnia. The study concluded that acupuncture appeared to be an effective treatment against insomnia compared to no treatment. Taking medications or herbal supplements and adding acupuncture proved to be effective in helping patients treat insomnia.  

As with any treatment option, acupuncture does take time to work and is not a one stop deal. Although you will feel relaxation and even pain relief right away, some conditions take time to treat (adrenal fatigue included). Acupuncture, combined with dietary and other lifestyle changes, can make a huge positive impact on your health. 

Acupuncture is not only a great way to holistically treat adrenal fatigue but to help heal other physical ailments. It is a trusted practice that dates back over thousands of years and has had several studies conducted showing how this Traditional Chinese Medicine practice continues to benefit people from all over the world.  

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