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MSN Healthcare Physician Offers Effective Treatment for Cellular Damage

Mark Neumann

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer

Protandim Nrf2 slows cell damage and decelerates the aging process

TEMPERANCE, MI – A supplement that research has proven to be effective in decelerating damage due to age and medical conditions that cause cellular breakdown is now available. Though new to the market, one doctor is making this treatment available to his patients.

Dr.Mark Neumann of MSN Healthcare is proud to begin providing Protandim Nrf2 to patients.

In layman’s terms, Protandim works because the aging process makes it difficult for bodies to replace dead and damaged cells. Over time, this process slows down to the point where the body stops replacing these damaged cells. This is a natural part of aging, and the human body gradually loses its ability to fight off disease and sickness as its cellular regeneration ability declines. The cells of the human body coordinate with one another to repair themselves and respond to changes in the body. With age, the ability of cells to communicate and interact with each other degrades and eventually disappears. Slower cellular activity means less ability to keep the body healthy.

Though age is a factor that affects everyone, certain diseases exacerbate the decline of these processes. Inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disorders, blood disorders like hemolytic anemia, and other cellular irregularities can speed up the cellular breakdown. It’s in these situations as well as for those looking to retain a more youthful appearance that Protandim has become a game-changer.

According to Dr. Neumann, “This supplement is unlike any other, not because of what it claims to do – that we’ve seen time and again. What truly makes this product stand out is that the research and science behind it bears out its effectiveness; it does what it purports to do. I haven’t seen anything like this, and I’m excited about making it available to my patients.” 

He goes on to explain how this supplement drew his attention in part because of how it has been studied. Protandim is unique among supplements, because researchers are paying to purchase and study it in controlled settings. Protandim is the only Food and Drug Administration-approved product able to claim the ability to add 7% life span for males and 3% life span for females by combatting cell degeneration. Protandim supports mitochondrial production and reduces the stress oxidation typically places on the body’s cells.

Leading research institutions including Texas Tech University, Louisiana State University, Ohio State University, and Colorado State University have validated Protandim’s claims in peer-reviewed studies. Additionally, several medical journals including Circulation, Enzyme Research, and the American Journal of Physiology – Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology have published the results of these findings. These discoveries have led to three significant Lifevantage patents:

  • “Compositions And Methods For Alleviating Inflammation And Oxidative Stress In A Mammal,” granted in 2007.
  • "Compositions And Methods For Enhancing Antioxidant Enzyme Activity And Reducing C-Reactive Protein Levels," granted in 2009.
  • "Compositions And Methods For Alleviating Inflammation And Oxidative Stress In A Mammal," granted in 2011.

At this point, no other product has earned the attention of the world’s top anti-aging research scientists the way Protandim has. Dr. Neumann is excited about these findings and ready to make the supplement available. 

About MSN Healthcare and Dr. Mark Neumann

A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Neumann’s unique training in anti-aging treatments mean he cares deeply about what he offers to his patients. His most recent research has been on enhanced health and life extension focusing on bio-identical hormone replacements, healthy weight loss, and stress reduction.

MSN Healthcare is proud to offer Lifevantage products to patients. As a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Neumann understands the physiological effects of aging and recommends Protandim for its scientifically proven ability to fight those effects and encourage healthier cell function. For more information about Protandim or to purchase the supplement, see Dr. Neumann’s website.