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Starting Small With Weight Loss: Easy Tips to Start Eating Better

Mark Neumann

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Starting a new diet plan all at once can be extremely difficult for many people, and often it’s a better idea to start small with a few easy changes to your diet instead of pursuing a complete overhaul all at once. This is difficult in some cases when dieters expect to see immediate results after changing their eating habits; small changes are easier to work into a nutrition plan, but the dieter sees much slower results.

Ultimately, making these small changes may lead to slower weight loss results at first but can help a dieter adjust to new eating habits and empower him or to her to have an easier time with more expansive dietary changes.

Changing Up Your Usual Routine

Sometimes just a small change can make a tremendous difference. For example, if you usually buy take-out for lunch at work, find a meal you can prepare in advance and set aside portions to bring to work each day. You may not like eating the same thing every single day, so a little variety can go a long way toward saving you money and helping you lose weight with better eating choices.

Changing up your usual beverage routine helps more than most people realize. For example, soda is one of the least nutritious things you can put in your body, but most people do not recognize it as an unhealthy food because it is just a drink, paying little attention to the massive sugar content in most beverages.

Replacing your usual afternoon soda with unsweetened tea or coffee can offer the boost you need to finish out your day without the usual sugar crash, aiding in your weight loss goals as well.

Consider HCG

A human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) weight loss regimen generally consists of regular HCG injections while maintaining a low-calorie HCG diet. While any type of low-calorie diet can lead to fat loss, the HCG diet improves the weight loss process, with many people who try it reporting they do not feel cravings or a loss of energy while sticking to an HCG weight loss plan.

An HCG weight loss plan consists of an HCG diet allowing about 500 calories per day while undergoing regular HCG injections. It is always best to discuss any major dieting plans with a physician before committing to them.

What’s My Next Step?

If you’re ready to shed that extra weight for good, schedule a consultation with Dr. Neumann to find out if you’re an appropriate candidate for an HCG program.