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The Weight Loss Shot Everyone’s Talking About

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The Weight Loss Shot Everyone’s Talking About

Mark Neumann

Any time there’s a new weight loss solution on the market, it hits the news. The weight loss shot HCG is unique in that it’s not new – it’s been around for decades. It has recently resurfaced as a popular solution to obesity and weight loss. Does this weight loss shot actually work? Here are some of the facts.

What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy to make babies grow. It was discovered in 1930 and has been used since then in various ways. It affects other hormones, so doctors sometimes use it to treat fertility. It is Food and Drug Administration-approved for women who are trying to get pregnant.

HCG Weight Loss Shot

In 1954, a British endocrinologist Albert T.W. Simeons published a book claiming daily HCG injections could cause people to lose up to two pounds a day when they combined injections with a low-calorie diet. In a respected medical journal, he claimed HCG injections stimulated the brain’s hypothalamus to burn stored fat.

He restricted obese patients to 500 calories a day and told them to avoid even the fats in cosmetics. He claimed the HCG kept subjects from being hungry and put them in a better mood, so they lost more weight than they would have on a low-calorie diet alone. He also claimed they could target the areas where they want to lose weight by giving HCG injections in those areas. If thigh or belly fat was the problem, he said giving the shot there would help fat melt away.

Further Research

In 1973, Asher and Harper tested the HCG diet on 40 women who were overweight. Researchers gave half the women daily HCG injections. The other half received a saline placebo. All the women ate the same 500 calorie diet. The women who had HCG injections lost more weight.

The Original HCG Diet

The original HCG diet has been criticized as being too restrictive. Dieters are limited to two meals a day. Each meal includes protein, vegetables, one bread, and a fruit. To stay within the low 500 calorie limit, dieters are restricted to broiled white meat or seafood, and mostly leafy green vegetables. Bread can be a small breadstick or a piece of Melba toast. The rest of the time dieters are allowed unlimited coffee and tea, as long as their beverages don’t have any added calories.

HCG Treatment That Works

HCG attacks fat and controls appetite to jump-start weight loss. It curbs hunger so patients don’t feel the irritability and anxiety that go with most diets. Your metabolism increases so you burn more calories, even at rest. HCG targets fat, not muscle, so you lose in problem areas.

Because HCG kicks the body into weight loss high gear, you’ll naturally eat less, but it isn’t necessary to cut back to only 500 calories a day. Instead, start forming healthy eating habits you can continue for a lifetime.

Most patients receive HCG injections for 40 days. An effective diet focuses more on healthy eating than calorie counting. A qualified medical weight loss physician like Dr. Neumann can help you develop a plan based on your needs and health goals. Dr. Mark Neuman has 30 years of experience helping patients live healthier lives.

Call today to find out what weight loss solution is right for you.