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3 Reasons Ibutamoren Will Change Your Life

Mark Neumann


What Is Ibutamoren?

If you have researched ways to boost your athletic performance, get a better night’s sleep, and improve your physical appearance, you might have come across ibutamoren. Also known by the name MK-677, ibutamoren is a supplement that stimulates the hormone ghrelin to increase lean body mass and improve strength.

The stomach produces ghrelin, a hormone that is important to the central nervous system, metabolism, and energy production. Ibutamoren mimics ghrelin, which stimulates its production. By taking ibutamoren, you can experience multiple benefits for your physical health, athletic performance, and appearance.

Better Sleep

Since ibutamoren stimulates growth hormone production, studies have shown that it may help you get a better night’s sleep. One study found that taking ibutamoren improved sleep in both older and younger men by increasing the amount of time spent in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. In REM, you sleep more deeply than in non-REM sleep and therefore feel more rested upon waking. Good sleep is essential for your health, especially if you engage in high-intensity workouts – during your sleep, your muscles rest and vital tissue regeneration takes place.

Increased Strength

One of ibutamoren’s major benefits is to increase lean muscle mass in your body. Ibutamoren increases growth hormone production. When combined with regular workouts, ibutamoren can help you lose weight, build muscle, and increase the strength of those muscles.

In addition, ibutamoren decreases muscle wasting. When we try to lose weight by dieting, we lose muscle through diet-induced protein loss. This food deprivation leads to muscle loss and weakening, also known as muscle wasting. In one study, taking ibutamoren reduced diet-induced protein loss in eight patients.

Increased Bone Density

Our growth hormone production levels decrease as we age. Combined with a poor diet and irregular exercise, this leads to our bones losing density and becoming more fragile. Ibutamoren stimulates growth hormone production, which increases bone density.

Poor bone density is a common problem in elderly people, obese individuals, and menopausal women. If you suffer from low bone density, you may want to consider taking ibutamoren and embarking on a regular diet and exercise regimen to improve your bone mineral levels. It takes approximately one year for ibutamoren patients to see the effects of bone density improvement. Sometimes, ibutamoren patients see a slight decrease in bone density before the effects of the supplement kick in.

Ibutamoren can provide a multitude of benefits to people looking to lose weight, increase strength, build muscle, and improve their overall health. While more studies on ibutamoren are forthcoming, current results are promising. Speak with your doctor today if you think ibutamoren may be right for you.

There is no substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen. If you are thinking of adding Ibutamoren to your daily routine, discuss it with your doctor.

If you want to learn more about Ibutamoren or think it could be the perfect addition to your supplements and diet, click here or dial 734-847-4700 to schedule an appointment today.