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Benefits of Working with a Medical Weight Loss Physician

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Benefits of Working with a Medical Weight Loss Physician

Mark Neumann

As a medical weight loss physician, Dr. Mark Neumann is in a unique position to help you achieve your weight loss goals. He understands that dropping unwanted pounds is much more than a matter of science.

To achieve a healthy body weight, you first need to have enough energy to maintain an active lifestyle. However, you may not be able to muster the stamina for more activity or the ability to eat healthy through no fault of your own.

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Some people can’t lose weight and keep it off until they have balanced their hormones. The thyroid hormone plays a huge role in how much energy you have and how efficiently your body can burn excess fat. Others struggle with adrenal fatigue, a condition caused by a deficiency in the cortisol hormone.

Gastrointestinal disturbances and undiagnosed psychological disorders are also common barriers to weight loss, yet the problems mentioned here are far from the only things that could prevent you from successfully losing weight.

Dr. Neumann Gets to the Root of the Problem

When you consult with Dr. Neumann at MSN Healthcare, he takes the time to research and understand your weight loss challenges before recommending a specific diet plan. He knows that you need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit before you can truly achieve success with losing weight and keeping it off for good. His background in anti-aging and functional medicine allows him to take this approach. You don’t get this with a commercial diet plan nor do you get it when you visit your regular doctor.

Dr. Neumann uses test results in addition to the information you provide during your consultation to determine the best way for you to start losing weight. Blood, saliva, and hormone level tests are just some of the tests he may order to get the clearest possible picture of your overall health.

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Medical Weight Loss Programs at MSN Healthcare

The following are just some of the services we offer to help you lose weight:

Although not entirely related to weight loss, natural hormone replacement therapy (also known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) can make it easier for you to lose weight because it balances your hormones without taking synthetic medication.

Dr. Neumann is happy to discuss each of these weight loss programs in more detail during your consultation. Contact him today.