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What to Look for in a Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Mark Neumann

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Once you’ve made the decision to look for a medical weight loss clinic, the choices may seem overwhelming. Making the right choice is important for long term success. Talking with your healthcare provider is a great first step in moving towards a medical weight loss program. When you are ready to choose a medical weight loss clinic, here are some important factors to look for to get the best results.

Board Certified Medical Staff

One of the biggest advantages to enlisting the aid of a medical weight loss clinic is getting a staff of professionals who you can entrust your health to. Counselors, doctors, dieticians, and exercise physiologists may all contribute to helping you reach your weight loss goals. By looking for programs that have board certified medical staff, you can rest assured that the advice and treatment you are given will not only be safe but will also be effective.

Maintenance and Follow-Up Programs

Without a doubt, most people lose weight while enrolled in a medical weight loss clinic, but keeping that weight off is often the most difficult challenge. For long term success, you want a program that will help you maintain the gains you made well beyond your time there at the clinic.

A quality medical weight loss clinic will have systems in place for you to continue maintenance of the program after you return home. Follow-up programs also help correct you in areas where you may have inadvertently drifted away from the things that helped you lose weight at the clinic. A quality medical weight loss clinic will ensure that you not only lose weight but are finally able to maintain that new you with long term strategies.

The Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Reputation

Just like when you are looking through Amazon for the best review, find out what people have said about the places you are interested in. The clinic you put your trust in should have worked for others in your situation in the past.

Research the testimonials provided by the clinic for clues to how the program worked and how it will be a fit for you. Find out if you can contact any references the clinic provides, and follow through by making some phone calls to those who have gone through the program previously.

Ask questions to find out how long they’ve been out of the program and if they were able to maintain the weight loss. Find out what those who have been through the program see as its strengths and weaknesses. By assessing their comments, you may be able to determine if a particular clinic will be a good fit for your needs.

Choosing a medical weight loss clinic is a brave step towards a healthier you. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and find a program that will give you the best opportunity for success.

Please let us know how we can help you on the weight loss journey. Dr. Neumann is happy to discuss custom non-surgical weight loss options in more detail during your consultation. Call the office at 734.847.4700 today.