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Medical Weight Loss vs. Diet Trends

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Medical Weight Loss vs. Diet Trends

Mark Neumann

Diet trends are constantly changing. Throughout the years many methods have claimed to give users the most weight loss success. Medical weight loss and nutrition counseling provide greater results in shedding extra weight than most trendy diets.

The most recent and contemporary diet is consistently changing but always claiming the same thing, weight loss and quick results. Here are some examples of such diets over the past few years and an overview covering how they size up to medical weight loss methods:

South Beach Diet

This diet fad focuses on cutting out bad carbs and instead eating lean proteins and low-fat dairy. This diet is broken into three phases, the first being the strictest, claiming to shed the pounds. The second is to help get the last of the weight off, and the third to maintain. This diet, while good for lowering fat intake, can also slow a person’s metabolism, which can have negative effects on long-term weight control.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for decades and claims to give users a flexible eating system. The Weight Watchers diets provides users with food point ratings. Users count their points throughout the day making sure to stay under a certain number. This diet has shown some success but the temptation of eating whatever you like in moderation can be difficult for some.

Medical Weight Loss

Some fad diets are more effective than others, but all have the same flaws. They are difficult to stick to. Restricting yourself to a specific set of rules can be discouraging. Additionally, dieting is not a “one size fits all” technique. Every person and every body is different. Trying to tailor your unique dietary system to a set of common practices applied to everyone, provides less than efficient results at best. Medical weight loss programs are geared to specific individuals. Your health is assessed along with your personal weight loss goals to come up with a nutritional plan specific to your needs.

Supervision from a medical specialist or nutritionist gives you more accountability. A more personalized approach allows you to incorporate foods that you enjoy and develop a diet and fitness plan that you are happy with.

Medical weight loss and nutrition counseling tend to provide better results than fad diets because users are not confined to a specific set of rules, and feel more confident with a diet that is made specifically for them.

Please let us know how we can help you on the weight loss journey. Dr. Neumann is happy to discuss custom non-surgical weight loss options in more detail during your consultation. Call the office at 734.847.4700 today.