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Thinking Beyond January for Your Weight Loss Resolution

Mark Neumann


Every January, people resolve to lose weight. They work tirelessly for a month and see initial positive results. Unfortunately, it is common to gain all that weight back. It can be even more difficult to keep weight off than it was to lose it in the first place.

Here are a few ways that you can try to combat this tendency:

Go From Losing to Maintaining Smoothly

If you can move from actively losing weight to maintaining the weight you lost without needing to change your habits too much, you will have a better chance of keeping it off. Using extreme or specific diets to lose weight can be a risky choice, therefore, because you are not going to be able to sustain that diet once you have lost the weight. A better strategy is to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life in a way that you can maintain.

Be Active

Even if it isn’t going for a 10-mile run or lifting weights at the gym, staying active is vital. Continuing to be active after you have lost weight will help you stay in shape. Studies have shown that watching TV for extended viewing periods correlated positively with risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and premature death. Cut down on your television and computer time so you can be moving around at that time instead.

Consistent Eating Habits

Try to find a healthy diet you can sustain. There is no perfect diet for everyone, but there are some patterns in the people who have been able to maintain their weight loss. They eat foods with fewer calories, less fat, and less sugar. The benefit of this strategy is that they can still eat enough to satisfy themselves without consuming as many fats, sugars, and calories. People who maintain their weight loss also stay true to their diets. They are less likely to treat themselves or stray from their eating habits on special occasions. Nutrition counseling can also help.


Losing weight can be a difficult undertaking, and it can be especially frustrating if you work hard to lose it and then gain it back. Friends and family can help you stay focused and motivated on your goal through the times when you are feeling especially defeated. Finding and working with the right weight loss doctor can help protect your health and lose weight in a sustainable manner.

Be Positive

Even with a group of supporters, it is important to try your best to stay positive while losing weight. Reminding yourself of the benefits and the reasons you are trying to keep the weight off will raise your chances of being able to stick with it.       

Please let us know how we can help you get healthy in 2018. Dr. Neumann is happy to discuss your goals in more detail during your consultation. Contact him today.