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Trying to Lose Weight? Bet You Haven’t Heard of These Weight Loss Methods

Mark Neumann

Weight loss articles are all over the internet, television, and social media. If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know the internet is saturated with articles promising weight loss. It is wise to question the validity of your sources sometimes. However, being too skeptical can cause you to overlook a plethora of valuable and effective weight-loss tips.

Just because something seems silly when compared to traditional methods of losing weight such as diet and exercise, doesn’t mean it won’t work!

Spice It Up

Research indicates people tend to eat slower and less when their food tastes different, interesting, and spicy. Incorporating an assortment of different spices into your food can be a great way to help maintain control over how much you eat.

Spices encourage portion control which can promote weight loss. As an added benefit, some spices such as cinnamon and cumin contain vital antioxidants.

Not only will you lose weight using spices, but your health can improve as well.

Have Hard Candy While Cooking

Many of us like to taste as we prepare a meal, but unfortunately doing so can cause us to feel full before sitting down for a meal.

To lessen your desire to taste-test as you cook, try sucking on hard candy with a potent flavor, such as peppermint or cinnamon. These strong flavors keep your mouth busy while cooking, deter you from tasting the food before it’s on the table, and prevent overeating. 

Turn on the Lights

There is a reason why restaurants dim the lights, and it isn’t just for atmospheric effects. In reality, restaurants lower their lights because it decreases eating inhibitions, increasing the chances people will order more food.

Try to make sure you are eating meals with the lights on. This will heighten awareness and control over what you consume in hopes of combating the effects of mindless eating patterns. 

Don’t Use Sugar Alternatives

Using sugar substitutes might make you feel better about avoiding sugar, but there’s a catch. The truth is research suggests sugar alternatives can actually lead to weight gain despite being calorie-free.

If you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth but want to reduce sugar intake, eat lower amounts of natural sugar, from foods like fruit or yogurt.

Tie a Ribbon around Your Waist

One fitness guru divulged an interesting trick used by French women. Valerie Orsoni says that in France, some women tie a ribbon around their abdomen before meal time. This way, while eating, they’ll be aware if their stomach becomes over-full. If the ribbon tightens, it’s probably time to slow down.

After a few weeks (or days) of practicing this, you would probably be well trained enough to know when to stop before the ribbon starts to pinch!

Don’t be afraid to seek help.

Dr. Neumann is happy to discuss your health and weight loss goals in more detail. Contact us or call (734) 847-4700 to schedule your free consultation today.