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What HCG Injections Can Do for Women

Mark Neumann

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Pregnant females naturally produce human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Injecting this substance as a treatment can result in excellent weight-loss benefits for women. HCG injections work well with female body chemistry, and help women eliminate fat in unwanted areas, such as the thighs and hips. These injections also help with weight loss and hunger control.

HCG is a Natural Hormone

During pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone HCG, which has an important role both in letting the body know you’re pregnant and in maintaining the pregnancy.

HCG is a glycoprotein made up of proteins and sugars. It binds to eggs when a woman ovulates and helps maintain the uterine lining. Women who have trouble getting pregnant sometimes benefit from HCG injections to stimulate ovulation and increase their chances of conception.

After pregnancy, HCG is believed to help avoid post-partum depression and return the body to its pre-pregnancy shape. HCG has shown effectiveness for people who want to increase muscle mass and lose weight. HCG interacts with the brain’s diencephalon and hypothalamus areas to promote better overall health.

HCG Injections Help Women Lose Weight

HCG injections result in weight loss for both men and women, but there are additional benefits specifically for women. Many women struggle with fat that stubbornly sticks to the thighs, hips and belly. Nature gave women those fat deposits to prepare for childbearing, and their bodies don’t seem to want to give up the weight after delivery. Sometimes, no matter how much women diet and exercise, that fat won’t budge.

HCG injections prevent the usual side effects of dieting, such as hunger, cravings, fatigue, and irritability. They increase the metabolism to help women lose weight faster, while helping to promote lean muscle mass to create a more toned appearance.

HCG Injections Have Other Benefits

HCG injections help women shed those stubborn pounds, but they also provide these benefits:

Improved relationships. When women see a slimmer shape emerge, they experience a surge in confidence. A more positive self-image leads to closer relationships with others.

More energy. Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight helps the body efficiently process food. When you’re lighter, everything feels easier.

Improved liver function. Fat deposits build up around the liver and inhibit its ability to filter the blood. Fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis and other health problems, but losing weight can remove the stress from your liver so it can more effectively do its job.

Lowered risk of diabetes. Eating right decreases pancreatic stress and can reduce the risk of diabetes. HCG injections reduce cravings for the wrong foods, so you are more likely to make healthy choices.

Dr. Mark Neumann has been helping women reach their health care goals for more than 30 years. He offers HCG injections to jump-start weight loss and to help you achieve a healthy body weight. Schedule an appointment today.