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Weight Loss - Temperance MI - Toledo OH

A medically-supervised weight loss program may be just what you need to finally achieve your desired weight. Click or call 734-847-4700.

Weight Loss

Does it seem like you have been on a diet your entire adult life? You’re serious about weight loss, but find it difficult to stick to a restrictive calorie diet or one that pushes a certain food group at the expense of other types of food you still need. Even more frustrating, it seems like you gain back more weight than you lost each time you give up dieting out of sheer hunger and lack of energy.

Commercial diet programs have a low success rate because they just aren’t sustainable for most people. A medically supervised weight loss program, on the other hand, may be just what you need to finally achieve your desired weight. Dr. Mark Neumann of MSN Healthcare is available to meet with you now to discuss this effective approach.

Individualized Weight Loss Programs for Maximum Success

Dr. Neumann takes the time to learn about you as a unique individual in addition to finding out more about your weight loss goals. Both are essential to tailor a diet plan for your personal circumstances. As part of your initial consultation, Dr. Neumann reviews your medical history to ensure that he provides you with the most appropriate weight loss option.

Patient Education an Important Part of Your Success

After careful review of your medical history and weight loss goals, Dr. Neumann recommends the most appropriate weight loss program for you. Receiving regular injections of HCG, a human hormone that speeds weight loss, is just one of many options.

Dr. Neumann makes sure that you understand both the benefits and the risks of each type of weight loss technique before recommending it. He provides you with realistic expectations in terms of rate of weight loss and how to handle challenges on your journey.

Take Charge of Your Health Today

Research proves that medical supervision and accountability are key factors in weight loss success. You're in good hands with a provider who has more than 30 years of experience in holistic healthcare. Whether you're considering HCG injections or a different method of losing weight, we encourage you to contact MSN Healthcare in Temperance, MI to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Neumann. His office is less that a 30-minute drive from the Toledo, Ohio metropolitan area.

*Results may vary person to person.